Context English Japanese
Task duration 1 hour 1時間
Task duration 15 minutes 15分
Task duration 2 hours 2時間
Task duration 30 minutes 30分
Task duration 5 minutes 5分
Contribution type All 全て
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Things that you should avoid Avoid ご遠慮下さい
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HTML/Meta/Title Contribute to Funkwhale development Funkwhaleの開発にコントリビュートする
Contribution type Development/Issue 開発/issue
Sidebar label Do you need some help? ヘルプが必要ですか?
Do you want to help the project but don't know where to start? Tell us how much time you can spend and we'll get you started! プロジェクトを支援したいけど、どこから始めれば良いか分かりませんか?費やせる時間を下記で選べば、始めるための案内をします!
Contribution type Donations 寄付
Sidebar link to get help Drop us a toot on Mastodon マストドンで尋ねる
Sidebar label Duration: 要する時間:
Content/Home/Header Funkwhale contribution guides: help us improve Funkwhale with translations, documentation, feedback, communication… You don't need to be a developper to help!
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