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Content/Home/Header Funkwhale contribution guides: help us improve Funkwhale with translations, documentation, feedback, communication… You don't need to be a developper to help!
Guide step content You can share your feedback with us on various platforms. You'll find the links below.
Advice content / avoid Publishing your feedback on other platforms is not going to go well, it's likely to be missed
Guide step content Tell us how you felt using Funkwhale. What did you like or dislike? What would you like to see improved?
Guide step content Remember, the job of receiving feedback is one we run on humans, just like you. We assume a mix of positive and negative feedback, no personal attacks or rude language.
Advice content / recommendations Be specific: Precise feedback is the most helpful
Task summary Help the Funkwhale whale go in the right direction.
Guide step content Project discussions take place at, which uses Loomio. Browse without an account, or get one to contribute to the discussions.
Guide step content Browse the forum for topics of interest. Lurk, or add your input in discussions and debate. Answer other people's question. Introduce yourself in a dedicated post if you want, and get in touch with the rest of the community :)
Task summary Help translate the project to other languages.
Skill name Comprehend English
Skill summary You need to understand written English to translate Funkwhale to another language.
Skill name Be fluent in another language
Skill summary Good, you meet the requirements of translating Funkwhale into that language.
Guide step content A Gitlab on will also work on
Guide step title Review the translation guidelines
Guide step content Translator guidelines are available to ensure consistency across languages and components. Take a moment to read this document.
Guide step content Funkwhale is made up of several projects, also known as components in Weblate's terminology. Pick your favourite, or "Contribute" to translate this website.
Text for link in guide step List of translatable components
Task image caption List of available components and translation progress for each