Context English
Content/Channels/Label Copy-paste the following URL in your favorite podcatcher:
Content/Signup/Title Create a Funkwhale account
Content/Settings/Input.Label Current password
*/*/Button.Label Delete my account…
*/*/*/Verb Delete…
Content/Notifications/Header Do you like Funkwhale?
Content/Moderation/*/Noun Domain
Content/Channels/Paragraph Drag and drop your files here or open the browser to upload your files
*/*/*/Noun Duration
Content/*/*/Noun E-mail address
*/*/*/Verb Edit…
Popup/Playlist/Form/Placeholder Enter playlist name
Content/Signup/Input.Placeholder Enter the e-mail address linked to your account
Content/Signup/Form/Placeholder Enter your e-mail address
Content/Login/Input.Placeholder Enter your username or e-mail address
Content/Moderation/Help text Explain why you're applying this policy: this will help you remember why you added this rule. Depending on your pod configuration, this may be displayed publicly to help users understand the moderation rules in place.
*/*/* Favorited tracks
Content/Channel/* Fediverse handle
*/*/* Fediverse object
Popup/Channels/Title Files to upload