Context English Spanish
Content/Home/Stat %{ count } active user %{ count } usuario activo
*/*/* %{ count } episode %{ count } episodio
*/*/* %{ count } track %{ count } canción
Content/Artist/Paragraph %{ count } track in %{ albumsCount } albums %{ count } canción en %{ albumsCount } álbumes
Content/Radio/Table.Paragraph/Short %{ count } track matching combined filters %{ count } canción que coinciden con los filtros combinados
Content/OAuth Scopes/Paragraph Access to follows
Content/OAuth Scopes/Paragraph Access to listening history
Content/OAuth Scopes/Paragraph Access to security settings such as password and authorization
Content/Channels/Popup.Paragraph Add a license to your upload to ensure some freedoms to your public.
*/*/Form-builder Add a new field
*/Playlist/Button.Label/Verb Add anyways
Sidebar/Player/Icon.Tooltip/Verb Adjust volume
Content/Channels/* All Episodes
Head/Authorize/Title Allow application
*/*/* Allow-list
Popup/Import/Message An error occurred during upload processing. You will find more information below.
*/*/Help An optional text to be displayed at the start of the sign-up form.
Popup/Import/Error.Label An unknown error occurred
*/*/* Anonymous access
Content/Applications/Label Application ID