Context English Spanish
*/*/Form-builder,Help Actions Acciones
Content/Profile/* Activity Actividad
Content/*/Button.Label/Verb Add a description… Mi descripción molona
Content/Channels/Popup.Paragraph Add a license to your upload to ensure some freedoms to your public.
*/*/Form-builder Add a new field
*/Playlist/Button.Label/Verb Add anyways
Content/Profile/Button Add new Añadir contenido
Content/Moderation/Button.Label/Verb Add note Añadir contenido
Content/*/Verb Add some music Buscar música
Content/Moderation/Action/Verb Add to allow-list Añadir a lista de reproducción…
Popup/Playlist/Title/Verb Add to playlist Añadir a lista de reproducción…
*/*/Form-builder Additional field
*/*/Label Additional fields
*/*/Help Additional form fields to be displayed in the form. Only shown if manual sign-up validation is enabled.
Sidebar/Player/Icon.Tooltip/Verb Adjust volume
*/*/*/Noun Album Álbum
Content/*/Paragraph All %{ count } element selected %{ count } de %{ total } elemento seleccionado
Content/Channels/* All Episodes
Head/Authorize/Title Allow application
*/*/* Allow-list