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Popup/Library/Paragraph The suggestion will be completely removed, this action is irreversible.
Sidebar/Player/Error message.Title The track cannot be loaded
Popup/Instance/Paragraph To continue, please select the Funkwhale instance you want to connect to. Enter the address directly, or select one of the suggested choices.
Content/Library/Card/Short Track #%{ id } - %{ name }
Popup/Login/Paragraph You are currently connected to <a href="%{ url }" target="_blank">%{ hostname }&nbsp;<i class="external icon"/></a>. If you continue, you will be disconnected from your current instance and all your local data will be deleted.
Content/Library/List item You are not uploading copyrighted content in a public library, otherwise you may be infringing the law
*/Instance/Message You are now using the Funkwhale instance at %{ url }
Content/Library/Paragraph You don't have the permission to edit this object, but you can suggest changes. Once submitted, suggestions will be reviewed before approval.
Content/Settings/Error message.Title Your avatar cannot be saved
Content/Library/Paragraph Your edit was successfully submitted.
Content/Settings/Error message.Title Your password cannot be changed
Content/Signup/Button.Label/Verb Authorize %{ app }
Content/Auth/Title/Verb Authorize third-party app
Content/Settings/Title/Noun Authorized apps
Content/Applications/Paragraph/ Checking the parent "Read" or "Write" scopes implies access to all the corresponding children scopes.
Content/Library/Link.Title Click to display more information about the import process for this upload
*/*/Button.Label/Verb Close and reload page
Content/Settings/Paragraph Content filters help you hide content you don't want to see on the service.
Content/Auth/Paragraph Copy-paste the following code in the application:
*/*/Error Data returned by the remote server had invalid or missing attributes