Context English Hungarian
Content/*/Paragraph %{ count } on %{ total } selected
*/Queue/Message %{ count } track was added to your queue
%{ updatedAgo }
Footer/About/Title About %{instanceName}
Footer/About/Title About %{instanceUrl}
Content/OAuth Scopes/Paragraph Access to security settings such as password and authorization
Content/Library/Table.Label Action
Content/Moderation/Form.Label/Verb Add a domain
*/*/Help Additional form fields to be displayed in the form. Only shown if manual sign-up validation is enabled.
Sidebar/Player/Icon.Tooltip/Verb Adjust volume
*/*/*/Noun Album artist
Content/Artist/Title Albums by this artist
Content/Channels/* All Episodes
*/*/* Allowed domains
*/*/Help An optional text to be displayed at the start of the sign-up form.
Content/Applications/Label Application secret
Content/Channel/* Artist channel
Content/Moderation/Title Artist data
*/*/* Artist discography
Content/*/Dropdown/Noun Artist name