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Content/SupportUs/Table.Cell Wiretransfer
Content/FunkwhaleAndroid/Paragraph You can <a href="">get the code</a> over at Gitlab. <i>Funkwhale for Android</i> is developed in Kotlin and we have <a href="">basic developer setup documentation</a> available.
Content/Applications/Paragraph You can connect to Funkwhale through various applications available
on smartphone, tablet and desktop.
Content/Home/Paragraph You join the network by registering an account on a pod (sometimes
called "server" or "instance"), which will be your home.
Content/Logos/Paragraph You may not:
Content/Logos/Paragraph You may use these assets:
Content/Logos/Paragraph You may:
Content/Home/Paragraph You will be able to interact with other people regardless of which
pod they are using.
Content/SupportUs/Paragraph You'll find below a detailed budget for our expenses and revenue.
HTML/Meta/Title Your free and decentralized audio platform