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Content/Credits/Paragraph howler.js makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms
Content/Home/Paragraph You join the network by registering an account on a pod (sometimes
called "server" or "instance"), which will be your home.
Du trittst dem Netzwerk bei, indem du einen Account auf einem Pod (manchmal auch „Server“ oder „Instanz“ genannt) anlegst. Dieser Pod ist dann dein digitales Zuhause.
Content/Applications/Paragraph You can connect to Funkwhale through various applications available
on smartphone, tablet and desktop.
Du kannst dich mit Funkwhale über verschiedene Apps für Smartphones, Tablets, und Computer verbinden.
Content/FunkwhaleAndroid/Paragraph You can <a href="">get the code</a> over at Gitlab. <i>Funkwhale for Android</i> is developed in Kotlin and we have <a href="">basic developer setup documentation</a> available.
Content/Applications.FAQ/Header What is Subsonic, and how do I use it to connect to
Was ist Subsonic, und wie kann ich es nutzen um mich mit Funkwhale zu verbinden?
Content/Credits/Paragraph Web-based continuous localization
Content/Community/Paragraph We're always looking for help in various areas,
Wir suchen immer nach Unterstützung in verschiedenen Bereichen, z.B.:
Content/SupportUs/Paragraph We're also relying on lot of third-party services and projects who
may benefit from your help. Supporting these projects will have a
positive impact on Funkwhale too!
Content/SupportUs/Paragraph We're a team of volunteers, commited to develop, maintain and
enhance Funkwhale. To do that, though, we need your help, and this
includes your financial support.
Wir sind ein Team aus Freiwilligen, die sich dafür einsetzen Funkwhale zu entwickeln, zu pflegen, und zu verbessern. Aber um das zu tun brauchen wir deine Hilfe,
und auch finanzielle Unterstützung.
Content/FunkwhaleAndroid/Paragraph We plan to distribute <i>Funkwhale for Android</i> through the official F-Droid repository and also the Google Play store in the near future.
Content/Community/Paragraph We maintain multiple spaces for the Funkwhale community. Some of
them are generalist, while others are dedicated to specific topics
and discussions.
Wir unterhalten mehrere Räume für die Funkwhale-Community. Einige von ihnen sind allgemein gehalten, während andere sich spezifischen Themen und Diskussionen widmen.
Content/Home/Link Visit our blog
Content/Home.Feature/Paragraph Upload your personal library to your pod, share it with
friends and family, and discover talented creators.
Lade deine persönliche Musikbibliothek auf deinem Pod hoch, teile sie mit Befreundeten und Familie, und entdecke talentierte Künstler·innen.
Content/Credits/Paragraph Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust
Content/Credits/Paragraph Translate your Vue.js applications with gettext
Content/Home/Header Third-party Funkwhale hosting*
Content/Home/Paragraph There are plenty of things you can do to make Funkwhale even
Es gibt viele Dinge, die du tun kannst, um Funkwhale noch besser zu machen!
Content/Credits/Paragraph The open source web server that powers 400 million websites
Content/FunkwhaleAndroid/Paragraph The official Android application for Funkwhale
Content/Home.Feature/Paragraph The network is not tied to any corporation or entity, which
gives you independence and choice.
Das Netzwerk ist nicht an irgendeine Firma gebunden, was dir Unabhängigkeit und freie Auswahl gibt.