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Content/Home/Paragraph * Funkwhale isn't affiliated in any way with any of these
providers and these links are provided only as a
Content/Community/List.Item <a target="_blank" href=""></a>: for support discussions around Funkwhale (installation, usage,
<a target="_blank" href=""></a>: Funkwhaleに関するサポート(インストールや使い方など)を受けるためのルーム
Content/Community/List.Item <a target="_blank" href=""></a>: for general discussions around the project, asking questions,
introduce yourself
<a target="_blank" href=""></a>: プロジェクトに関する一般的な議論、質問をする、自己紹介をするためのルーム
Content/Home.Feature/Paragraph <strong>Funkwhale consists of many independent pods which can
communicate together</strong>
using standard, free and open source technology.
Content/Home/Paragraph A Funkwhale Pod can run on affordable hardware like a Raspberry
FunkwhaleのポッドはRaspberry Piのような手頃なハードウェアで建てることができます。
Content/Home/Paragraph A pod is a website running the Funkwhale server
Content/Home/Paragraph Although already usable, Funkwhale is still in development. If you
want to show us your support, we gladly accept donations!
Content/Home.Feature/Paragraph Because of that, we can offer you an experience free of tracking
and ads, and focus on what you need.
Content/SupportUs/Paragraph Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to join our General
Assemblies, and vote, assuming you're a member for more than a year.
あなたが一年以上会員になると仮定すると、会員になることで「General Assemblies」への参加と投票の機会が与えられます。
Content/Community/Paragraph Bug reports and merge requests should be opened here. We encourage
you to open discussions around new features on the forum instead.
Content/Community/Paragraph Development happens on our self-hosted GitLab instance, at
Content/Home/Paragraph Donations will pay contributors and project-related fees such as
Content/SupportUs/Paragraph During our General Assemblies, we elect various representatives to
run the collective and supervise the project. We also make critical
decisions for the collective such as updating our statutes.
General Assembliesが開かれている間に、Collectiveの運営やプロジェクトの指揮を取る、様々なリーダーを決めます。例えば規則の更新のような、Collectiveへの重要な決定も行います。
Content/Home/List.Item Embed and share your content on other platforms and
Content/Home/Paragraph Financial donations are not the only way to help, and
you can join our effort to improve the platform by becoming a
Content/Logos/Paragraph For illustration purposes in your writings, presentations, videos
or documents about Funkwhale
Content/Home.Feature/Paragraph Funkwhale gives you access to your playlists, favorite tracks,
and artists everywhere, from our web interface or the wide range
of compatible apps for every platform.
Content/Home/Paragraph Funkwhale is a community-driven project that lets you listen and
share music and audio within a decentralized, open network.
Content/Home.Feature/Paragraph Funkwhale is built from the ground up by a friendly community
of contributors.
Content/SupportUs/Paragraph Funkwhale is maintained by a legal entity named The Funkwhale
Collective. This is a french association with open memberships.
Funkwhaleは「The Funkwhale Collective」という名称の法人組織によって管理されています。この組織はフランスの団体で、どなたでも入会できます。