Context English Chinese (Simplified)
Content/Credits/Paragraph A decentralized social network 分布式开放平台
Content/Credits/Paragraph A decentralized social networking protocol 分布式开放平台
Content/Credits/Paragraph A forum and decision making platform 您的自由和分散的音频平台
Content/Credits/Header Community tools 社区活动
Content/Community/Link Credits 制作人员名单
Content/Credits/Header Credits 制作人员名单
Content/Credits/Header Funkwhale Funkwhale图标
Content/Credits/Header Funkwhale (backend) Funkwhale图标
Content/Credits/Header Funkwhale (user interface) Funkwhale icon (备用)
Content/Logos/Header Funkwhale icon (monochrome) Funkwhale icon (备用)
Content/SupportUs/Tabel,Row/Noun Open Collective donations and membership fees 开放集体捐赠
Content/Home.Feature/Paragraph The network is not tied to any corporation or entity, which gives you independence and choice. 网络不依赖于任何公司或实体,这给了你独立性和选择权。
Content/SupportUs/Paragraph We're a team of volunteers, commited to develop, maintain and enhance Funkwhale. To do that, though, we need your help,
and this includes your financial support.
我们是一个志愿者团队,负责开发、维护和加强 Funkwhale。