Key English
playlist_description %1$d track • %2$s
settings_media_cache_size_summary %d GB will be used to store tracks for offline playback
album_count %d album
manage_add_to_favorites Add to favorites
playlist_add_to Add to playlist
playback_queue_add_item Add to queue
playlist_added_to Added to playlist %s
track_info_details_album Album
alt_album_cover Album cover
track_info_details_track_position Album position
albums Albums
fiters_all All music
login_cleartext Allow cleartext traffic (HTTP)
settings_night_mode_off Always off (light mode)
settings_night_mode_on Always on (dark mode)
login_anonymous Anonymous authentication
alt_app_logo Application logo
logout_content Are you sure you want to sign out of this Funkwhale instance?
track_info_details_artist Artist
alt_artist_art Artist art