Key English Dutch
login_error_hostname_https The Funkwhale hostname should be secure through HTTPS
login_error_userinfo We could not retrieve information about your user
title_downloads Downloads
settings_media_quality_summary_size Smallest available track will be played
settings_play_order Preferred playback order
settings_play_order_shuffle Shuffle albums
settings_play_order_shuffle_summary You prefer shuffling album tracks
settings_play_order_in_order Play albums in order
settings_play_order_in_order_summary You prefer playing albums in order
settings_night_mode_on_summary Dark mode will always be on
settings_night_mode_off_summary Light mode will always be on
settings_information_repository_title Repository
settings_crash_report_title Copy crash logs
settings_crash_report_description Only Otter's logs from the last 5 minutes up until the crash will be collected
settings_crash_report_copied Last crash report was copied to your clipboard
playback_media_controls Media controls
playback_media_controls_description Control media playback
playback_play Play
playback_queue_download Download
playback_queue_clear Clear