Key English Chinese (Simplified)
app_name Otter
login_welcome Please enter details for a Funkwhale instance to access its content 请输入您的Funkwhale实例的详细信息以访问其内容
login_hostname Hostname 主机名称
login_cleartext Allow cleartext traffic (HTTP) 允许明文流量(HTTP)
login_anonymous Anonymous authentication 匿名身份验证
login_username Username 用户名
login_password Password 密码
login_submit Log in 登录
login_logging_in Logging in… 登录中
login_error_hostname Enter a valid URL first 这不能理解为有效的 URL
login_error_hostname_https The Funkwhale hostname should be secure through HTTPS 应通过HTTPS保护Funkwhale主机名
login_error_userinfo Could not fetch user info 我们无法检索有关您的用户的信息
toolbar_search Search 搜索
title_downloads Downloads 下载
title_settings Settings 设置
title_oss_licences Libre licences 开放源码许可证
search_placeholder Search artists, albums and tracks 搜索艺术家、专辑、曲目
search_welcome Enter your search above and hit enter to search in your collection 在上面输入您的搜索词,然后按Enter搜索您的收藏
search_no_results No results 未找到查询结果
settings_general General 常规