Key English Chinese (Simplified)
radio_your_content_description Picks from your own libraries 从您自己的图书馆中挑选
radio_favorites_description Play your favorites in a never-ending happiness loop. 在永无止境的幸福循环中播放你最喜欢的曲子。
radio_random_title Random 随机
radio_random_description Totally random picks. Maybe you'll discover new things? 完全随机挑选,也许你会发现新的东西?
radio_less_listened_title Less played 少听
radio_less_listened_description Listen to tracks you usually don't. 听一些你通常不听的曲目。是时候恢复一些平衡了。
logout_title Sign out 登出
logout_content Sign out of this Funkwhale instance? 是否确实要退出此 Funkwhale 实例?
playlist_description %1$d track • %2$s %1$d 曲目 • %2$s
playlist_add_to Add to playlist 加入播放列表
playlist_add_to_new New playlist… 新播放列表…
playlist_add_to_create Create playlist 创建播放列表
playlist_added_to Added to “%s” playlist 播放列表已添加%s
filters Filters 过滤
fiters_all All music 所有的音乐
filters_my_music My music 我的音乐
filters_followed Followed content 跟随内容
downloads_description Downloading %1$d track… 下载 %1$d 曲目