Key English Chinese (Simplified)
app_name Otter
playlist_description %1$d track • %2$s %1$d 曲目 • %2$s
settings_media_cache_size_summary %d GB will be used to store tracks for offline playback %d GB 将用于存储音乐以进行脱机播放
album_count %d album %d专辑
track_info_details_track_instance Funkwhale instance Funkwhale 实例
settings_information_license_description MIT license MIT许可证
settings_information_repository_description Otter by Antoine POPINEAU (apognu) Otter来自Antoine POPINEAU (apognu)
control_previous Previous track 上一曲
settings_crash_report_copied Last crash report copied to your clipboard 上次崩溃报告已复制到剪贴板
control_next Next track 下一曲
title_downloads Downloads 下载
playback_queue_download Download 下载
downloads_description Downloading %1$d track… 下载 %1$d 曲目
albums Albums 专辑
track_info_details_album Album 专辑
track_info_details_track_position Album position 专辑位置
alt_album_cover Album cover 专辑封面
settings_play_order_shuffle Shuffle albums 专辑重新排序
login_hostname Hostname 主机名称
settings_crash_report_description Only Otter logs from 5 minutes before crash will be collected 仅从崩溃前的最后 5 分钟开始,仅包含 Otter 的日志