Key English Chinese (Simplified)
settings_media_quality Media quality 媒体质量
settings_media_quality_quality Best quality 最佳质量
settings_media_quality_size Smallest size 最小尺寸
settings_media_quality_summary_quality Best available version will be played 将播放最佳可用版本
settings_media_quality_summary_size Smallest available track will be played 将播放最小的可用曲目
settings_media_cache_size Cache size for media 媒体缓存大小
settings_media_cache_size_summary %d GB will be used to store tracks for offline playback %d GB 将用于存储音乐以进行脱机播放
settings_play_order Preferred playback order 首选播放顺序
settings_play_order_shuffle Shuffle albums 专辑重新排序
settings_play_order_shuffle_summary You prefer shuffling album tracks 你喜欢随机播放专辑曲目吗
settings_play_order_in_order Play albums in order 按顺序播放专辑
settings_play_order_in_order_summary You prefer playing albums in order 你喜欢按顺序播放专辑
settings_other Other 其它
settings_night_mode Dark mode 黑暗模式
settings_night_mode_on Always on (dark mode) 始终打开(黑暗模式)
settings_night_mode_on_summary Dark mode will always be on 黑暗模式将始终打开
settings_night_mode_off Always off (light mode) 始终关闭(明亮模式)
settings_night_mode_off_summary Light mode will always be on 明亮模式将始终打开
settings_night_mode_system Follow system 遵循系统设置
settings_night_mode_system_summary Night mode will follow the system 夜间模式将遵循系统设置