Key English Chinese (Simplified)
app_name Otter
login_cleartext Allow cleartext traffic (HTTP) 允许明文流量(HTTP)
login_anonymous Anonymous authentication 匿名身份验证
login_username Username 用户名
login_password Password 密码
login_submit Log in 登录
login_error_hostname_https The Funkwhale hostname should be secure through HTTPS 应通过HTTPS保护Funkwhale主机名
toolbar_search Search 搜索
title_downloads Downloads 下载
title_settings Settings 设置
search_placeholder Search artists, albums and tracks 搜索艺术家、专辑、曲目
settings_general General 常规
settings_media_quality Media quality 媒体质量
settings_media_quality_quality Best quality 最佳质量
settings_media_quality_size Smallest size 最小尺寸
settings_media_quality_summary_quality Best available version will be played 将播放最佳可用版本
settings_media_quality_summary_size Smallest available track will be played 将播放最小的可用曲目
settings_media_cache_size_summary %d GB will be used to store tracks for offline playback %d GB 将用于存储音乐以进行脱机播放
settings_play_order Preferred playback order 首选播放顺序
settings_play_order_shuffle Shuffle albums 专辑重新排序