Key English Spanish
contextMenuMoveTabToNewWindow Move to New &Window Mover a una nueva ventana
contextMenuMuteTab &Mute Tab Silenciar pestaña
contextMenuPinTab &Pin Tab Fijar pestaña
contextMenuReloadTab &Reload Tab Recargar pestaña
contextMenuUndoCloseTab &Undo Close Tab Restaurar pestaña cerrada
contextMenuUnmuteTab Un&mute Tab Restaurar sonido en pestaña
contextMenuUnpinTab Un&pin Tab Soltar pestaña
extensionDescription Simple and powerful vertical tab bar Tab Center pretende solucionar alguno de los problemas que han surgido a raíz del uso de las pestañas por parte de los usuarios (principalmente el de tener "demasiadas pestañas abiertas") y proporcionar una base más versátil para futuras innovaciones de la interfaz.
La primera versión de este add-on de Firefox organiza las pestañas de una manera vertical en lugar de horizontal. Está profundamente inspirado y toma prestadas ideas del excelente add-on VerticalTabs.
extensionsLongDescription Tab Center Reborn is the continuation of <a href="">Tab Center Redux</a> to provide a simple, powerful and well-integrated extension to manage tabs vertically.

The extension provides a handful of settings and allows power-users to customize its appearance completely with CSS code.

You might especially be interested in hiding the top tab bar:

– All features of Firefox tab bar (pinning, duplicating, moving to start/end, closing tabs after, etc.)
– “Unload Tab” and “Close Tabs Before” options to accommodate managing a lot of tabs
– A notification allows you to undo if “Close Tabs Before”, “Close Tabs After” or “Close Other Tabs” closed more than 5 tabs
– Looks and act native, has animations (can be disabled)
– Works with and uses containers:
– Adapt to full Firefox themes (simpler themes don’t provide enough colors to work with)
– Synchronizes your settings with Firefox Sync

Global shortcuts:
– Shift + F1: opens or closes the sidebar
– Shift + F2: switches to last active tab
Note that you can configure those:

Shortcuts when clicking new tab button/container name in new tab context menu (right-click):
– Ctrl + click: opens after current tab if default is at the end (and opens at the end if default is after current tab)
– Shift + click: opens a new window
– Ctrl + Shift + click: opens a new private window (if Tab Center Reborn is allowed to run in private windows)

You can contribute by reporting issues, translating, adding documentation or developing!

Permissions used:
– Access your data for all websites: to use containers.
– Read and modify bookmarks: to not open a new window when a tab has been dropped outside the sidebar but on the bookmark bar.
– Read and modify browser settings: to follow Firefox settings and theme.
– Display notifications to you: to display a notification when you closed a lot of tabs, letting you undo.
– Access recently closed tabs: to switch to last tab.
– Access browser tabs: to get URL, title and favicons of tabs.
– Access browser activity during navigation: to trigger an extra animation when a page has finished loading its resources.
newTabBtnTooltip Open new tab Abrir una nueva pestaña
optionsCompactModeStrict Enabled Siempre
optionsCompactPins Favicon-only Pinned Tabs Compactar pestañas fijas
searchPlaceholder Filter tabs Buscar pestañas