Key English Chinese (Traditional)
contextMenuUnloadTab Un&load Tab
contextMenuUnmuteTab Un&mute Tab 取消分頁靜音
contextMenuUnpinTab Un&pin Tab 取消固定分頁
extensionDescription Simple and powerful vertical tab bar 分頁中心試圖解決人們使用分頁(尤其是太多分頁)時遇到的一些問題,並為未來的創新功能提供更多的基礎。此 Firefox 附加組件以垂直方式而非水平方式排列分頁。它的靈感極大來源於附加組件 VerticalTabs 的想法。
extensionsLongDescription Tab Center Reborn is the continuation of <a href="">Tab Center Redux</a> to provide a simple, powerful and well-integrated extension to manage tabs vertically.

The extension provides a handful of settings and allows power-users to customize its appearance completely with CSS code.

You might especially be interested in hiding the top tab bar:

– All features of Firefox tab bar (pinning, duplicating, moving to start/end, closing tabs after, etc.)
– “Unload Tab” and “Close Tabs Before” options to accommodate managing a lot of tabs
– A notification allows you to undo if “Close Tabs Before”, “Close Tabs After” or “Close Other Tabs” closed more than 5 tabs
– Looks and act native, has animations (can be disabled)
– Works with and uses containers:
– Adapt to full Firefox themes (simpler themes don’t provide enough colors to work with)
– Synchronizes your settings with Firefox Sync

Global shortcuts:
– Shift + F1: opens or closes the sidebar
– Shift + F2: switches to last active tab
Note that you can configure those:

Shortcuts when clicking new tab button/container name in new tab context menu (right-click):
– Ctrl + click: opens after current tab if default is at the end (and opens at the end if default is after current tab)
– Shift + click: opens a new window
– Ctrl + Shift + click: opens a new private window (if Tab Center Reborn is allowed to run in private windows)

You can contribute by reporting issues, translating, adding documentation or developing!

Permissions used:
– Access your data for all websites: to use containers.
– Read and modify bookmarks: to not open a new window when a tab has been dropped outside the sidebar but on the bookmark bar.
– Read and modify browser settings: to follow Firefox settings and theme.
– Display notifications to you: to display a notification when you closed a lot of tabs, letting you undo.
– Access recently closed tabs: to switch to last tab.
– Access browser tabs: to get URL, title and favicons of tabs.
– Access browser activity during navigation: to trigger an extra animation when a page has finished loading its resources.
muteTabButtonTooltip Mute tab
newTabBtnTooltip Open new tab 開啟新分頁
newTabContextMenuOpenAtEnd At &End
newTabContextMenuOpenInPrivateWindow New &Private Window
newTabContextMenuOpenInWindow New &Window
newTabContextMenuOpneAfterCurrent &Next to Current Tab
notificationDeletedMessage Click on the notification to undo.
notificationDeletedTitle $COUNT$ closed tabs
optionsAdvancedTitle Advanced 進階
optionsAppearanceTitle Appearance
optionsBehaviorTitle Behavior
optionsCompactMode Compact Mode 精簡模式
optionsCompactModeDynamic Dynamic 動態
optionsCompactModeExplanation The Compact Mode reduces the height of tabs to show more of them. In the Dynamic setting, it will engage once we have no space left. 精簡模式降低分頁的高度以顯示更多的分頁。在「動態」設定中,一旦發現沒有足夠的空間就會自動啟用。
optionsCompactModeOff Disabled 停用