Key English Chinese (Traditional)
optionsCompactModeStrict Enabled 總是
optionsCompactPins Favicon-only Pinned Tabs 精簡已釘選分頁
optionsCustomCSS Custom Stylesheet 自訂樣式表
optionsCustomCSSChangelogLink Check the changelog for breaking changes
optionsCustomCSSWikiLink CSS Tweaks Wiki Article CSS 調整 Wiki 文章
optionsNotifyClosingManyTabs Notify when closing many tabs
optionsNotifyClosingManyTabsExplanation Display a notification to let you undo when closing more than $COUNT$ tabs.
optionsSaveCustomCSS Save CSS 儲存 CSS
optionsSwitchByScrolling Switch active tab by scrolling
optionsSwitchByScrollingAlways Always
optionsSwitchByScrollingNever Never
optionsSwitchByScrollingWithCtrl With Ctrl
optionsSwitchByScrollingWithCtrlExplanation Activate the next or previous tab instead of scrolling under certain circumstances.
optionsSwitchLastActiveTab Switch to Last Active Tab
optionsSwitchLastActiveTabExplanation Click active tab to switch to the last active one.
optionsThemeIntegration Use current browser theme 與當前主題整合
optionsThemeIntegrationExplanation Use current browser theme instead of default light theme.
searchPlaceholder Filter tabs 搜尋分頁
settingsBtnTooltip Open settings 開啟設定
unmuteTabButtonTooltip Unmute tab