Key English Chinese (Traditional)
notificationDeletedTitle $COUNT$ closed tabs
contextMenuCloseTab &Close Tab 關閉分頁
contextMenuDuplicateTab &Duplicate Tab 複製分頁
contextMenuMuteTab &Mute Tab 分頁靜音
newTabContextMenuOpneAfterCurrent &Next to Current Tab
contextMenuNoContainer &No Container
contextMenuPinTab &Pin Tab 固定分頁
contextMenuReloadTab &Reload Tab 重新載入分頁
contextMenuUndoCloseTab &Undo Close Tab 復原已關閉分頁
optionsSwitchByScrollingWithCtrlExplanation Activate the next or previous tab instead of scrolling under certain circumstances.
optionsAdvancedTitle Advanced 進階
optionsSwitchByScrollingAlways Always
OptionsAnimations Animations
optionsAppearanceTitle Appearance
newTabContextMenuOpenAtEnd At &End
optionsBehaviorTitle Behavior
optionsCustomCSSWikiLink CSS Tweaks Wiki Article CSS 調整 Wiki 文章
optionsCustomCSSChangelogLink Check the changelog for breaking changes
optionsSwitchLastActiveTabExplanation Click active tab to switch to the last active one.
notificationDeletedMessage Click on the notification to undo.