Key English Chinese (Traditional)
OptionsAnimations Animations
browserActionTitle Show/hide Tab Center Reborn 切換到 Tab Center Reborn
closeTabButtonTooltip Close Tab 關閉分頁
contextMenuCloseOtherTabs Close &Other Tabs 關閉其他分頁
contextMenuCloseTab &Close Tab 關閉分頁
contextMenuCloseTabs Close Tab&s
contextMenuCloseTabsAfter Close Tabs &After 關閉下方分頁
contextMenuCloseTabsBefore Close Tabs &Before
contextMenuDuplicateTab &Duplicate Tab 複製分頁
contextMenuMoveTab Mo&ve Tab 移動分頁
contextMenuMoveTabToEnd Move to &End 移動至結尾
contextMenuMoveTabToNewWindow Move to New &Window 移動到新視窗
contextMenuMoveTabToStart Move to &Start 移動至開頭
contextMenuMuteTab &Mute Tab 分頁靜音
contextMenuNoContainer &No Container
contextMenuOpenInContextualTab Reopen in C&ontainer 使用容器開啟
contextMenuPinTab &Pin Tab 固定分頁
contextMenuReloadTab &Reload Tab 重新載入分頁
contextMenuUndoCloseTab &Undo Close Tab 復原已關閉分頁
contextMenuUnloadTab Un&load Tab